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2021 Spring Semester

2022-12-21 19:34
Content :

Host : Department of Physics and Chemistry

Venue : Room 115, E2 or Online(Zoom)

Time : 4:30 pm

Email :

Tel : 053)785-6501

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class01 Date : 2021/03/09

class01 Title : Size, Force, and Space Matter: How do sells use physical properties of molecules in signal transduction?

class01 Speaker : Prof. Young-wook Jun

class01 Affiliation : UC San Francisco

class02 Date : 2021/03/23

class02 Title : Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy on ultra thin films of correlated materials

class02 Speaker : Prof. Changyoung Kim

class02 Affiliation : Seoul National University

class03 Date : 2021/03/30

class03 Title : Optimizing Electrochemically Active Surface of Carbonaceous Materials by Designing Hierarchical Pore Structures

class03 Speaker : Prof. Won Cheol Yoo

class03 Affiliation : Hanyang University

class04 Date : 2021/04/06

class04 Title : Chemical and structural Engineering of 2D Nanomaterials

class04 Speaker : Prof. Hyunseob Lim

class04 Affiliation : GIST

class05 Date : 2021/04/27

class05 Title : Superconducting dissolution as a linear potential system

class05 Speaker : Prof. Jee-Hoon Kim

class05 Affiliation : Postech

class06 Date : 2021/05/04

class06 Title : Material design for intrinsically stretchable semiconductors

class06 Speaker : Prof. Jim Young Oh

class06 Affiliation : Kyung Hee University

class07 Date : 2021/05/11

class07 Title : Introduction to Terahertz Spectroscopy and Applications

class07 Speaker : prof. Jae Hoon Kim

class07 Affiliation : Yonsei University

class08 Date : 2021/05/18

class08 Title : Correlated topological phases in strongly correlated heterostructure

class08 Speaker : Prof. Jong Mok Ok

class08 Affiliation : Pusan National University

class09 Date : 2021/05/25

class09 Title : Nature-Inspired Functional Organic Materials: Non-Biofouling Properties and surface Wettability

class09 Speaker : Prof. Woo Kyung Cho

class09 Affiliation : Chungnam National University

class10 Date : 2021/06/01

class10 Title : Scanning probe microscopy studies in functional oxide films: from ferroelectricity to electronic/ionic transport

class10 Speaker : Prof. Sang Mo Yang

class10 Affiliation : Sogang University