Physics and Chemistry

Pursuing the state-of-the-art science on new materials via interdisciplinary research


Mankind has innovated through the ages through endless development of new materials, both simple and complex, rather than rely solely on materials that exist naturally in the environment. Material sciences are a backbone of human history as well as contemporary science and technology. The Department of Physics and Chemistry at DGIST seeks to contribute to the lives of future humanity by drawing on knowledge in chemistry and physics to develop new materials for the benet of all of humanity. In particular, the department is a leader in technology- intensive material sciences through convergence of chemistry, physics, materials and biosciences, producing the nanomaterials, functional materials, biomaterials, extreme materials and new drug materials that a high added value industry needs.


  • Research in contemporary physics and chemistry for new materials development.
  • Frontier research in the eld of materials science with the aim to make contributions to humanity.
  • Produce creative researchers with scientic minds based on broad disciplines of science.
  • Development and education of globalized research capacity in Korea and setting the collaboration networks with global academic leaders.

Research and Education

  • Make progress in our understanding on diverse material systems through the modern experimental and theoretical studies and stay at the forefront of the material research.
  • Provide the frame for the multidisciplinary education of the next generation with the contemporary convergence research.
  • Research program at world-leading groups to promote international and multidisciplinary collaboration in materials science
  • Annual student-led workshop for stimulating discussion and collaboration among students in different fields.