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Kim, Soyeun



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  • Strongly correlated quantum materials
  • Emergent phenomena and collective excitations
  • Ultrafast and equilibrium optical spectroscopy
  • XFEL-based x-ray scattering


ACADEMIC Ph. D., Seoul Natl. Univ.
CAREER Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Postdoctoral Researcher, SLAC Natl. Accelerator Laboratory

Our Researches

The intertwining of different degrees of freedom, such as charge, lattice, spin, and orbital, leads to intriguing phenomena and functionalities in strongly correlated quantum materials. To unravel the underlying physical mechanisms behind these complex phenomena, we investigate the electronic and lattice band structures of solids. We utilize optical spectroscopy and x-ray scattering techniques with various light sources, ranging from continuous wave to femtosecond laser and free-electron laser facilities. Our primary goal is to verify collective excitations originating from emergent phases and actively manipulate the physical properties of these materials.

Representative Publications

2023 “Observation of a massive phason in a charge-density-wave insulator”
Soyeun Kim, Yinchuan Lv, Xiao-Qi Sun, Chengxi Zhao, Nina Bielinski, Azel Murzabekova, Kejian Qu, Ryan A. Duncan, Quynh L. D. Nguyen, Mariano Trigo, Daniel P. Shoemaker, Barry Bradlyn, Fahad Mahmood
Nat. Mater. 22, 429-433
2022 “Orbital-selective Mott and Peierls transition in HxVO2”
Soyeun Kim, Steffen Backes, Hyojin Yoon, Woojin Kim, Changhee Sohn, Junwoo Son, Silke Biermann, Tae Won Noh, Se Young Park
npj Quantum Mater. 7, 95
2018 “Charge-spin correlation in van der waals antiferromagnet NiPS3”
So Yeun Kim, Tae Yun Kim, Luke J. Sandilands, Soobin Sinn, Min-Cheol Lee, Jaeseok Son, Sungmin Lee, Ki-Young Choi, Wondong Kim, Byeong-Gyu Park, C. Jeon, Hyeong-Do Kim, Cheol-Hwan Park, Je-Geun Park, S. J. Moon, T. W. Noh
Phys. Rev. Letters 120, 136402
2018 “Spectroscopic studies on metal-insulator transition mechanism in correlated materials”
So Yeun Kim, Min‐Cheol Lee, Garam Han, Marie Kratochvilova, Seokhwan Yun, Soon Jae Moon, Changhee Sohn, Je‐Geun Park, Changyoung Kim, Tae Won Noh
Advanced Materials 30, 170477