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Kim, CheolGi



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  • Novel Spintronics devices
  • Innovative 3D field sensors
  • Bio-initiative magnetic devices


ACADEMIC Ph. D., KAIST, Korea(Feb . 1989)
CAREER Director, Magnetic Initiative Life Care Center (2018 ~ present)
Mercater Fellow, DFG, Germany (2021~present)
Co-Director, Key lab for Nano-Micro-technologies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam (2017 ~ present)
Dean, Graduate School DGIST (2017 ~ 2018)
Department Chair, Emerging materials Science, DGIST (2015 ~2016)
Director, CCRF in DGIST (2014 ~ 2015)
Professor, Emerging materials Science, DGIST (2014 ~ present)
Director, Center for NanoBioEngineering & Spintronics (WCU), CNU
Exchange Professor, EIIRIS Fellowship, Toyohashi University, Japan (Dec. 2013 ~ Feb. 2014)
Exchange Professor, LG Yonam Foundation Fellowship, McMaster University, Canada (2005)
Professor, Chungnam National University (2001 ~ 2013)
Exchange Professor, JSPS Fellowship, Tohoku University, Japan (Dec. 2001 ~ Feb. 2002)
Post-Doctoral Researcher, National Institute of Science and Technology, USA (1991)
Senior Scientific Researcher, KRISS (1989 ~ 1995)

Our Researches

Our group focuses on the field of novel Spintronics materials and devices prerequisite for fourth industrial revolution and new biomedical technologies. Research motto is Innovative “First Mover” beyond “World Best”. Accordingly, our group has developed a sensor milestone based on coherent Planar Hall magnetoresistance (PHMR) in magnetic multilayers aiming to forthcoming industrial applications, such as 3D electronic compass, IoT, and communication. Also our group leads the Spintrophoresis, integrated spin devices with micro-fluidic channel, toward the multiplexed cell tweezers, molecular and celluar diagnosis platform. International cooperation with world-wide leading groups is encouraged for the development of up-to-date spintronics devices and innovative biomedical technologies.

Representative Publications

2022 “Tailoring matter orbitals mediated using a nanoscale topographic interface for versatile colloidal current devices”
Hyeonseol Kim et al.
Materials Horizon, (2022), 9, 2353–2363
2022 “Magnetophoretic Micro-Distributor for Controlled Clustering of Cells”
Jonghwan Yoon et al.
Advanced Science. 2022, 9, 2103579
2021 “Mattertronics for programmable manipulation and multiplex storage of pseudo- diamagnetic holes and label-free cells”
Sandhya Rani Goudu et al,
Nature Communications, (2021) 12:3024,
2021 “Magnetophoretic Decoupler for Disaggregation and Interparticle Distance Control”
Hyeonseol Kim et al.
Advanced Sciences, DOI:10.1002/advs.202100532
2019 “Multifarious Transit Gates for Programmable Delivery of Bio-functionalized Matters”
Xinghao Hu, et al.
Small 15, 1901105 (2019) (IF=10.856)
2018 “Autonomous Magnetic Microrobots by Navigating Gates for Multiple Biomolecules Delivery”
Xinghao Hu, et al.
small 14, 1800504 (2018) (IF=10.856)
2017 “Concentric manipulation and monitoring of protein- loaded superparamagnetic cargo using magnetophoretic spiderweb”
Byeonghwa Lim, et al.
NPG Asia Materials 9, e369 (2017) (IF=9.157)
2017 “Magnetic Susceptibility Study of Sub-Pico-emu Sample using a micromagnetometer: An investigation through bistable spin-crossover”
Souleymane Kamara, et al.
Advanced Materials 29, 1703073 (2017) (IF=21.950)
2014 “Magnetophoretic circuits for digital control of single particles and cells”
Byeonghwa Lim et al.
Nature Communications 5, 3846 (2014) (IF=12.124)