Internship & Open Lab

Internship & Open Lab

I’d like to know more about the labs at the Department of Physics and Chemistry.

  • Prof. Joongoo KangChemical physics/machine learning/materials design

    [ Computational Materials Theory Lab ]
    Chemical physics
    • Materials research at the intersection of physics, chemistry, and computational science
    • First principles (Density functional theory, DFT) modeling of real materials
    Machine learning/materials design
    • New materials through high-throughput screening and machine learning
    • Materials design for energy and information applications
  • Prof. Yong Seung KwonSuperconducting Materials/Thermoelectric Materials

    [ Quantum Functional Materials Lab ]
    • Single crystal growth for new material discovery
    • Research on new materials using high magnetic field, low temperature, and infrared spectroscopy technology
    • Research on electronic properties through the study of electric, magnetic and optical properties
  • Prof. Seong Kyun KimInorganic Chemistry/Catalytic Chemistry/Energy & Environmental Materials

    [ Sustainable Chemistry Lab ]
    Catalytic Chemistry
    • Biomass, Waste Polymer Conversion Catalysts
    Energy & Environmental Materials
    • Solar Desalination Materials
    • Atmospheric Water Harvesting Materials
    • Sustainable Materials from Biomass Conversion
  • Prof. Youngwook KimQuantum Hall Effect/Topological Quantum Computing/Quantum Circuit

    [ Topological Quantum Device Lab ]
    Quantum Hall Effect
    • Dissipationless quantized current intwo dimensional materials
    Topological Quantum Computing/Quantum Circuit
    • Build quantum circuit including topological quantum gate based on anyon
  • Prof. CheolGi KimSpintronics Devices/Bio-NEMS & MEMS/Sensors

    [ Emerging materials science and multifunctional devices ]
    • Novel spintronics devices
    • Innovative 3D field sensors
    • Bio-NEMS/MEMS
    • Bio-initiative magnetic devices
  • Prof. Jinhee ParkOrganic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials

    [ Organic-Inorganic Hybrids Lab ]
    Functional Metal-Organic Frameworks/Polyhedra/Aerogels
    • Inorganic/organic/supramolecular chemistry-based synthesis
    • Development of stimuli-responsive smart materials
    • Studies of porous structures and functionalities
    • Energy and environmental applications: (photo)catalysis, sensing, and sorption
  • Prof. Daeha SeoNano-chemistry/Bio-physics/Cell biology

    [ SMALL Lab ]
    • Synthesis and design of nanoparticles
    • Single catalysis study
    • Diagnosis and therapeutic research using nanoparticles
    • Single molecule/cell imaging, tracking, and AI analysis
    • Biomolecular mechanism research through movie of cell signaling
    • Diagnosis of diseases through physical parameters
  • Prof. Jungpil SeoQuantum Physics/Topological Matters/Future Semiconductors

    [ Nanospm Lab ]
    Quantum Physics
    • Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
    • Quantum Microscopy
    Topolgical Matters/Semiconductors
    • Dirac Materials
    • Superconducting Heterostructures
    • 2D Semiconductors
  • Prof. Jooyoung SungTime & Space-resolved Spectroscopy/Next Generation Energy Materials / Photophysical Dynamics

    [ FemtoLab for Advanced Energy Materials ]
    Time and Space-resolved Spectroscopy
    • Investigation on photophysical properties of next generation energy materials by fs-transient absorption/ reflection microscopy
    • Quantum Microscopy
    Next Generation Energy Materials/Photophysical Dynamics
    • Charge carrier dynamics and photophysics of perovksites
    • Charge carrier dynamics and photophysics of quantum dots
    • Charge carrier dynamics and photophysics of two-dimensional semiconductors
  • Prof. Chun-Yeol YouSpintronics/Magnetism

    [ Spin Phenomena for Information Nano-devices Lab ]
    Spintronics and emerging magnetic materials
    • Non-volatility and ultra-fast devices
    • Development of stimuli-responsive smart materials
    • High density and low power consumption memory devices
    • Emerging spin phenomena and materials properties
    • Close relationship with INST and Sensorium at DGIST.
  • Prof. Sunggi LeeOrganic Synthesis/Reaction and Catalyst Development

    [ Organic Synthesis and Catalysis Lab ]
    • Organic Synthesis
    • Reaction and Catalyst Development
    • Material Development
  • Prof. Sungwon LeeFlexible electronics/Bio Sensors/Bio compatible device

    [ Bio-harmonized device Lab ]
    Flexible electronics
    • Development of extremely flexible & stretchable devices using hybrid materials.
    Bio sensors/Bio compatible devices.
    • Sweat & Air permeable device fabrication for extremely bio compatible electronics
    • Skin attachable bio sensors for long term health monitoring
    • Development of implantable materials and devices.
  • Prof. Shinbuhm LeeSemiconductor/Energy/Sensor/Film/Nanostructure

    [ Semiconductor Energy Sensor Lab ]
    Intelligent information technology
    • Semiconductors for artificial intelligence system semiconductor, Quantum computing, display, automobile
    New energy industry
    • Hydrogen economy, Transparent solar cell, All-solid-state nano battery
    • Healthcare sensor, Medical material
  • Prof. JaeDong LeeCondensed Matter Physics Theory/Ultrafast Dynamics

    [ Light and Matter Theory Lab ]
    • Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
    • Ultrafast Dynamics and Optics
    • Nonequilibrium Phenomena
  • Prof. Nak Cheon JeongInorganic Chemistry/Supramolecular Chemistry/Metal-Organic Framework(MOF)/Conducting materials

    [ Supramolecular Inorganic Chemistry Lab ]
    Metal-Organic Frameworks
    • Enhancing hydrolytic/chemical/thermal stability of MOFs
    • Exploring the applications of MOFs for catalysts and gas adsorbent
    • Electron conductivity & ionic conductivity of MOF materials
    Supramolecular Inorganic Chemistry
    • Discovery of new coordination bonds using Inorganic Supramolecules
    • Discovery of new properties of coordination bonds using Inorganic Supramolecules
  • Prof. Byunghyuck JungOrganic Synthesis/Asymmetric Catalysts/Natural Products and Drug Synthesis

    [ Asymmetric Organic Synthesis and Drug Synthesis Lab ]
    Organic Synthesis
    • Synthetic Studies of Novel C-C Bond Formation
    Asymmetric Catalysts
    • Transition Metal-Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis
    • Organocatalytic Asymmetric Synthesis
    Natural Products and Drug Synthesis
  • Prof. Chang-Hee ChoSemiconductors/Nanophotonics/Quantum Information Devices

    [ Future Semiconductor Nanophotonics Lab ]
    Semiconductor Optics
    • Physics of Excitons and Polaritons
    Low-dimensional Semiconductors/Information Devices
    • 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
    • Perovskite Semiconductors
    • Quantum Information Devices
  • Prof. Seonki HongOrganic/Polymeric Biomaterials

    [ Bioinspired Organic Materials Lab ]
    Nature-inspired Emerging Materials
    • Polyphenol-based adhesive organic/polymeric materials
    Materials for biomedical applications
    • Nanomaterials for disease diagnosis and therapy
    • Surface biofunctionalization
    • Tissue-adhesive hydrogels, soft materials
  • Prof. Jung-Il HongSpintronics/Magnetism/Nano Materials

    [ Spin Nanotech Lab ]
    • Electric and magnetic properties of nanomaterial.
    • Spintronics
    • Thin films of metal, semiconductor, and oxide materials.