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Hong, Jung-il



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  • Electric and magnetic nanomaterial
  • Spintronics
  • Thin films of metal, semiconductor, and oxide material


ACADEMIC Northwestern University, USA
Ph. D. in Materials Science & Engineering
Worked at Georgia Institute of Technology, University of California-San Diego, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Our Researches

We are an experimental research group focusing on the development of functional novel materials with exotic properties based on spin and electron interactions. We explore broad range of material systems to understand the behaviors of spins and electrons in various metals, semiconductors, and oxides.

The topics of our interest include:
Exchange couplings between magnetic materials of different magnetic phases: ferromagnet (FM), ferrimagnet, and antiferromagnet (AFM),
Formation and manipulation of topological spin structures, Electron and spin dynamics, Magnetism in the nanostructure and at the interface,
Coupling of Magnetic, Electrical, and Mechanical properties, Hard and soft magnetic properties of low dimensional nanostructures of particles,
nanowires, and nanoplates, And any mysterious and/or unexplainable measurement results.

Representative Publications

2021 “Programmable dynamics of exchange-biased domain wall via spin-current-induced antiferromagnet switching”
H. J. Kim, S. G. Je, K. Y. Moon, W. C. Choi, S. Yang, C. Kim, B. X. Tran, C. Hwang, J. I. Hong
Advanced Science 8, 2100908 (2021)
2021 “Free tuning of exchange bias via resettable alignment of antiferromagnetic Neel axes using mechanical vibrations”
H. J. Kim, S. Yoon, J. H. Ha, W. C. Choi, J. I. Hong
Acta Materialia 210, 116821 (2021)
2020 “Direct demonstration of topological stability of magnetic skyrmions via topology manipulation”
S. Je, H. S. Han, S. K. Kim, S. A. Montoya, W. L. Chao, I. S. Hong, E. E. Fullerton, K. S. Lee, K. J. Lee, M. Y. Im, J. I. Hong
ACS Nano 14, 3251 (2020)
2019 “Field-free control of exchange bias by spin Hall currents”
H. J. Kim, S. G. Je, D. H. Jung, K. S. Lee, J. I. Hong
Applied Physics Letters 115, 021101 (2019)
2019 “Controllable magnetic anisotropy of ferromagnet/antiferromagnet bilayers coupled with piezoelectric strain”
H. J. Kim, M. S. Jung, C. Y. You, J. I. Hong
Acta Materialia 171, 170-175 (2019).
2019 “Dynamics of the Bloch point in an asymmetric permalloy disk”
M. Y. Im, H. S. Han, M. S. Jung, Y. S. Yu. S. S. Lee, S. S. Yoon, W. Chao, P. Fisher, J. I. Hong, K. S. Lee
Nature Communications 10, 593 (2019)