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Cho, Chang-Hee



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  • Semiconductor Photonics
  • Photonic Quantum Information Devices
  • Light-Matter Interactions


DGIST Dept. of Physics and Chemistry, Daegu, South Korea
Professor (Sep. 2012 ~ Present)
POSTECH Dept. of Physics, Pohang, South Korea
Visiting Professor (Aug. 2020 ~ Jul. 2021)
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA, USA
Postdoctoral Researcher, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering (Sep. 2009 ~ Aug. 2012)
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Gwangju, Korea
Ph. D. Materials Science and Engineering (Aug. 2009)
M. S. Materials Science and Engineering (Feb. 2004)
Kyung Hee University Seoul, Korea
B. S. Physics (Feb. 2002)

Our Researches

Research fields in Future Semiconductor Nanophotonics Laboratory include ‘Future Semiconducting Materials’, ‘Next-generation Photonic Information Devices’, and ‘Light-Matter Interactions’. We explore new science and technologies in emerging semiconducting materials by tailoring the light-matter interactions. To this end, we pursue our studies to understand optical physics in such nanophotonic materials and to design future information devices.

Representative Publications

2019 “Room temperature polariton lasing in quantum heterostructure nanocavities”
J. W. Kang, B. Song, W. Liu, S. J. Park, R. Agarwal, and C. H. Cho
Science Advances 5, eaau9338 (2019).
2018 “Radial multi-quantum well ZnO nanorod arrays for nanoscale ultraviolet light-emitting diodes”
J. W. Kang, B. H. Kim, H. Song, Y. R. Jo, S. H. Hong, G. Y. Jung, B. J. Kim, S. J. Park, and C. H. Cho
Nanoscale 10, 14812-14818 (2018).
2016 “Periodically Diameter-Modulated Semiconductor Nanowires for Enhanced Optical Absorption”
M. Ko, S. H. Baek, B. Song, J. W. Kang, S. A. Kim, and C. H. Cho
Advanced Materials 28, 2504-2510 (2016)
2013 “Silicon coupled with plasmon nanocavities generates bright visible hot luminescence”
C. H. Cho, C. O. Aspetti, J. Park, and R. Agarwal
Nature Photonics 7, 285-289 (2013)
2012 “All-optical active switching in individual semiconductor nanowires”
B. Piccione, C. H. Cho, L. K. van Vugt, and R. Agarwal
Nature Nanotechnology 7, 640-645 (2012)
2011 “Tailoring hot-exciton emission and lifetimes in semiconducting nanowires via whispering-gallery nanocavity plasmons”
C. H. Cho, C. O. Aspetti, M. E. Turk, J. M. Kikkawa, S. W. Nam, and R. Agarwal
Nature Materials 10, 669-675 (2011)